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ESEIAAT ImageThe School of Industrial, Aerospace and Audiovisual Engineering of Terrassa (ESEIAAT) is the centre of higher studies of the UPC located at the campus in Terrassa,. It is an engineering school with long tradition and prestige at the state level.

In 1902, the Higher School of Industries of Terrassa started its operation, and within 1904, the engineering studies for the textile industries were established. Similarly, three levels of studies - elementary, superior and engineering - formed a single structure, until 1947, when the board of The School of Industrial Textile Engineering of Terrassa was formed.  

The long process in establishing the School of Industrial Engineering of Terrassa was completed with the inauguration of the new building in 1962 and further additions of new degrees in industrial engineering. In 2004, the Aeronautical engineering courses of study were introduced.

Most recently, on November 24th 2015, the two schools of Industrial and Aeronautic Engineering (ETSEIAT) and Terrassa Engineering School (EET) were combined and now form the ESEIAAT.

Where is it?

(Street) Colom 11, Building TR5.

How to get there?